This category consists of eCommunity courses that have been restored for information and support.

This is a collaboration/ knowledge space for Institute Adobe Connect Administrators which will help their role in supporting the staff in their Institutes.

This Creating resources course provides TAFE NSW teachers with the resources to find, enhance and create visuals to support their teaching and learning. The content targets busy teachers who are not graphic designers but want ideas for working with images - and without a huge learning curve. So with this in mind, this course is structured around the main skills that teachers are most likely to need. The key knowedge areas focus on the 'what' and 'how to'.

Topic areas include:

  • Creative Commons
  • Copyright
  • Alternative text (Alt text)
  • Graphic formats: jpg, gif, png
  • Equella
  • Royalty free
  • photographs
  • cropping images
  • resizing images
  • Powerpoint as a tool for enhancing and creating images
  • online tools
  • iPad apps.

This site shows TAFE NSW teachers how to use the Learning Object Composer (LOCO) desktop application developed at the TAFE eLearning Hub. LOCO makes it easy for teachers to create quizzes and other learning resources, and publish them for use in Moodle, MS-Word, or Equella.

The course provides news, background, instructional videos and examples from different subject matter areas showing the potential of LOCO.

You can download LOCO, and provide feedback on the application so that bugs and suggestions for improvement may be made directly to the eHub.